Rich Leach

Multimedia Developer & Web Jockey

West Palm Beach, FL USA 303-913-7338


·     Over 22 years experience in the internet development racket
·     Over 18 years with Coldfusion, SQL, CSS, Javascript
·     Adobe Advanced Certified Coldfusion Developer
·     Recent experience with Twitter Bootstrap, Adobe Captivate, Mura CMS, Tumult Hype, Photoshop and After Effects. Some JQuery, a little bit of Java, various RDBMS....
·     Employment history includes the likes of MapQuest, IBM, Microsoft and Zen Planner. Currently independent - pursuing relevant gigs where I can add value and boost a company's bottom line.
·     Industry experience includes Information Technology, Real Estate, Construction, Retail, U.S. Department of Defense, e-Learning, Telecom, Health & Fitness

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Advancing my Node.js & Angular 2 skills


Multimedia development
Animation, sound, timelines... let's tell a story. Then let's post it online. Everywhere. But carefully, we want it to be cool because it's relevant, important and technically superior. And it will go viral because of the polish and shine.
(Tumult Hype | Adobe After Effects | Sound Editor | Photoshop | CSS | HTML5)
Internet development
Lots of data, a cool product, e-learning, maybe a message so strong it just can't be contained. Web applications and databases - let's connect them all for the world to see.
(Coldfusion | RDBMS/SQL | Javascript | Adobe Captivate)


·     Java Essential Training - March 2015
·     Learning Management Systems - June 2015
·     Adobe Captivate 9 Advanced Techniques - May 2016
·     Blueriver's Mura training course and Muracon - 2011
·     JQuery - Advanced Techniques - May 2015
·     Adobe Edge Animate Essential Training - April 2015
·     Responsive Design - Twitter Bootstrap: Version 2 & 3 January 2015


Application Developer,, Highlands Ranch, CO 09/14-02/15.
Senior Application Developer, Blue Ibis Home Rentals, FL 08/14-present.
Application Developer, Thoutt Bros Inc. Denver, CO 05/08-present.
Senior Software Consultant,, Golden, CO 05/05-present.
Senior Software Engineer, Roguewave Software, Boulder, CO 10/05-07/07.
Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Aurora, CO 9/05-10/05.
Software Engineer, Zoll Data Systems, Broomfield, CO 4/05-9/05.
Applications Architect/Developer, TCA Enterprises, Golden, CO 12/04-3/05.
Web Applications Developer, Gambro Healthcare, Lakewood, CO 9/04-12/04.
Internet Systems Developer, Maxtor Corporation, Longmont, CO 2/04-9/04.
Applications Developer, Jackson Media Group, Parker, CO 1/04-1/05.
Applications Developer, Allied Vaughn, Denver, CO 12/02-8/03.
Applications Developer,, Boulder, CO 12/01-5/02.
Report Developer, SafeRent, Denver, CO 4/01-8/01.
Internet Application Instructor/Trainer, TCA Enterprises, LLC, Colorado 3/99-present.
Internet Consultant, Rogue Wave Software, Boulder, CO 2/01-5/01.
Technology Officer, Video Professor Inc., Lakewood, CO 2/00-2/01.
Web Applications Developer, ICG Communications, Englewood, CO 10/99-2/00.
Webmaster, TSSUNIX Department, USWest, Denver, CO 3/99-10/99.
Software/Application Testing and Development, IBM, Hawthorne, NY 2/98-3/99.
Software Programmer, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA 10/97-1/98.
Webmeister, MapQuest Publishing Group, Denver, CO 11/96-10/97.
Web Master, Mega International Services, Denver, CO. 1/96-11/96.


New site/converted site implementations via Mura setup and configuration. Customized themes, converted entire front ends using responsive design principles while preserving back end functionality.
Delivered site solutions with Mura iterators, custom class extensions and streamlining custom CFML code development in local theme’s contentRenderer.cfc
Created and published a series of end-user Mura “how-to” movies and a series of Mura Programming 101 movies on Youtube


·     Coldfusion upgrades: Multiple client sites from version 8 to 11. Zero downtime.
·     Front end/UI updates: Table based web pages to a mobile-ready, responsive layout (Bootstrap)
·     Adobe Captivate's Common JS api for Javascript to Captivate and back again
·     Online ad development using Tumult Hype
·     Converted internalServerReporting.php to Coldfusion to allow direct capture of Captivate quiz data



Successfully produced all facets of a professional internet application - site architecture, SEO, Coldfusion development, story board/prototype design, UI design, requirement gathering/specification, HTML/mobile template layout, database design/normalization and connectivity, SQL, graphics, multimedia application, streaming content, asynchronous communication, client/server side scripting, analysis, design, implementation, testing and regression.
Delivered solutions via dynamic content delivery server technologies including Microsoft's Internet Information Server, Lotus Domino Server, Lotus Notes, Active Server Pages, Coldfusion Application Server, RDBMS (SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL) stored procedures and dynamically generated SQL.
Streamlined MapQuest's average download time by 12 seconds per user (1.5 million hits/day!) via code tightening, image compression and site management.
Analyzed, designed, implemented and tested all elements of Coldfusion based systems. Extensive development utilizing Fusebox, Model-Glue, Framework 1 (FW/1) and other OO Coldfusion frameworks. Architected and built web applications around the current search engine algorithms to enhance rankings and search engine placement results. Created advanced site logging & user tracking applications that enhanced site security and integrated with site tracking and statistics reporting tools. Coordinated deliverables, clarified and finalized requirements, and managed integration, testing and deployment. Built numerous systems in Coldfusion that communicated between non-connected databases (Query of Query, WDDX), RESTful web services, externally available systems via text files and dynamically generated XML code. Content Management System experience with Mura CMS.
Experienced in an agile software development environment.


Kean College of NJ/Montclair State College of NJ, B.S. Exercise Science, Dietetics and Nutrition. 1988-1992.
Art Institute of Colorado, Communications Technology. 1993-1995.

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